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payment method parking valencia la fe

Payment in cash and credit

Currently we have 12 ATMs where parking payments can be made, both in cash and by credit card. We also have two central boxes where payments can be made in the same way.

24 hour service parking concessionaire la fe

Customer Service 24h

We provide our customers with qualified personnel to assist you, regardless of the time or type of user, always providing the necessary information.

disabled parking la fe

Places with reduced mobility

Our parking lot is equipped with 39 spaces for disabled parking. 24 of them are in the north car park and 15 in the south car park, all of them are enabled for people with reduced mobility and have the closest location to the elevators for easy access.

adapted places pregnancy faith hospital valencia

Places adapted for pregnant women, the elderly and the sick

We have 4 spaces in the north car park adapted and marked in orange for users who have any of these characteristics.

baby changing tables in faith parking

Disabled toilets and baby changing tables

In both car parks we have adapted toilets for the disabled as well as we have baby changing tables available to our users, both in bathrooms for men and women.

umbrella rental concessionaire parking valencia la fe

Umbrella Rental

As a special service we have an umbrella rental. In case of need, any user of our parking spaces can request an umbrella leaving a deposit of 10€. Once the correct condition has been returned and verified, the 10€ deposit will be refunded.

Concessionary Equipment

We have::

  • Video surveillance system, surveillance and customer service 24 hours every day of the year
  • License plate recognition system
  • Guidance system
  • Centralized facilities control system
  • Fire systems: Detectors, push buttons, fire extinguishers, bias, RF doors, sliding doors, sash doors
  • Refuge areas
  • Intercom and PA
  • 12 elevators and 12 stairs located from each other within 50 meters
  • Adequate lighting, signage and signage

A need, a solution

Why we put ourselves in your place and think of you, we offer a wide range of rates that fit the needs of our customers:  

  • Rotation rate
  • Monthly subscriptions for the general public
  • Monthly payments for Hospital employees
  • Hourly Cards
  • Day vouchers
  • Night rate

Availability of places

The availability of places on each floor is indicated, before entering, by a bright sign that guides us from where to park. Once inside:

  • Green LEDs indicate available places
  • The places with reduced mobility are located on the first floor or floor -1 and their availability is indicated by blue LEDs
  • Red LEDs, place not available